Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our aim is to offer each child the surroundings to develop to their full potential through a child centered educational curriculum that Macro composition of many colorful plastic toy letters and wordencompasses a holistic approach in a stimulating and caring environment, with friendly professional staff.
Our core values for our child care education are
  • A competent child approach
  • Contribution of society
  • The identity and belonging of each child
  • Equality and diversity
  • Professional Practice
Our core values are under pinned by out commitment to
  • Working with children
  • Working with parents
  • Working with colleagues
  • Working as mentors and researchers.
We aim to achieve the best by keeping Bluebells and Buttercups mission at the heart of everything that we do.
BBelonging– we will help your child to develop a sense of belonging
LLearning– with a multi sensory approach we strive to help your child to learn in a variety of ways
UUnderstanding we have a good understanding of what children need to develop fully with professional and qualified staff
E Education– we implement the Aistear curriculum, the early childhood curriculum framework in which we devise every four weeks
BBalanced– we will help your child to develop as a well rounded and balanced individual
EEquality we believe that all children are equal
LLoving– your child will feel loved whilst in our care and will learn to love others
LLaughter– we strive to ensure that our days with children are filled with laughter
SSensitivity we are sensitive towards your child’s and families needs
BBond we create a safe environment in order to create special bonds with the children in our care
UUnique your child is unique and we respect your child’s uniqueness
TTeamwork– we work together as a team in order to build relationships with parents and families. We give structured daily feedback and listen to you and your child
TTrust– we work together to develop a sense of trust so that you have peace of mind that your child is receiving the very best care
EEating– our food is of the highest standards and cooked fresh daily on site keeping in line with HSE guidelines with a dining experience
RRespect– we teach your child to respect one another
CChoice– we allow your child to have the freedom to make their own choices
UUnity we aim to be united as a team and to be a happy family
PPassion we have passion for working with children which is evident in the care we provide
 Spiritual we help your child to develop spiritually


Every child deserves the best,
Every parent wants the best,
At Bluebells & Buttercups Crèche we provide the best