Where the adventure begins……

It September and are classroom has opened its doors to all the children. This week we are getting to know each other, with our Aistear theme All about me. Practical life skills are being used all ready as we get to know our classroom and our personal pegs to hang our coat and our school bag. Its going to be exciting new term of

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van gogh

Summer Camp went so fast…..

Summer has been and gone and it flew……, We talked and learned about : Under the sea Going to outer space Nature and Science Art, Music and movement Pirates of the carribean and Healthy eating and Exercise All themes were very enjoyable. I think the children really enjoyed painting upside down just like Micheangelo..


What’s happening this week, The Lifecycle of ……

  Its all about lifecycles, The Frog, Pond Life, The Butterfly, The very Hungary Caterpilar, ( there even has been a increase in the amount of green beans consumption!!) I will let the pictures do the talking …..


The Celebration of Spring at Bluebells & Buttercups

Spring has well and truly sprung at Bluebells and Buttercups. In keeping with our season our Aistear Theme this month is focusing on what happens around us at Springtime. Flowers start to bloom and beautiful baby farm animals are born.We played farm games with the children, and we acted like all the different animals and making wonderful animal sounds. In keeping with our Aistear

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Friendship Wall in Mont Oranmore

What’s been happening this week…..

The children have been excited about our Aistear Theme The Celebration of Love and Friendship. Understanding and talking about the special words and traits that go with being a good friend. Experiencing group activities and showing great sharing and turn taking.     Our Continent in the Senior Montessori this week is Australia, They have been making joey pouches, Koala Bear masks. The running favourite

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Macro composition of many colorful plastic toy letters and word

Bluebells Approach

The Montessori Method allows children to reach their unique, individual potential through the prepared environment, which allows intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual freedom. The children learn with ease in a relaxed and orderly environment, and the Montessori teacher respects and guides each child according to his/her unique stage of development. The benefits to the child are obvious. They achieve greater life-long learning experience

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friendship oranmore banner

Celebration of Love and Friendship

  Our Aistear Theme this month is all about Friendship and Love. Upcoming Arts and Crafts that will be displayed in our halls and classroom. Children will be learning all about good friendship traits like respect and love. Making friendship bracelets and designing love and friendship trees. Love and friendship will be linked to Our Aistear Themes:   Well – being: Children will be

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Our Winter Wonderland

We are very busy turning our crèche into a Winter Wonderland. We are learning all about giving thanks and Christmas wishes. We are very excited as we have just received a letter all the way from the North Pole from SANTA!!!. He has said all the boys and girls have been really good this year. Santa will be coming to visit, date to be

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School Experience

Add here please Niamh

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Active Learning

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