We love learning all about the season, but we have to say our favourite is Autumn. So much happens in Autumn time. We took a trip to our local forest, armed with nature bags, we filled them with beautiful coloured leaves, conkers. We were all very excited when we returned to make our hedgehogs with our find. We also filled our sensory box and

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Our Montessori room learned all about the continent of Australia. and created a mini Australia in their classroom, where they could visit throughout the day. Here are some pictures


Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung and we love it, we are enjoying learning about everything that represents Spring We are delighted that we have flower/s have budded in our garden and hoping for more. Our Roleplay and small world area are filled with flowers and farm animals Heres some pics


Love was well and truly in the air!!……

       We got to spread the love for St Valentine’s Day. We talked about a lot about friendship and what are the the traits of being a good friend. We decorate our classroom and hallways with lots of pink !!!!, we even played love hopscotch, which some of parents enjoyed also! I will let the pictures do the talking……

christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

Well Christmas was so much fun, the children were so excited. When Santa arrived, he was so busy that he feel asleep and the children had to shout to wake him up !!!! We would like to thank all the Mammies and Daddies for the lovely gifts, there were very much appreciated.

production of Stick Man

Our Production of Stick Man

We are so proud of our Senior Montessori class who starred in the Production of Stick Man towards the end of last year. The children were full of confidence which was no easy task as they faced a full house of Mummy’s and Daddy’s and Grannies !!!  

winter 2016

This month’s Learning Stories

The new year has begun in full flight at Bluebells and Buttercups. The decorations are down, the walls are bare but we have a lot in store for the children. This months Aistear theme is all about Dinosaurs, there different names, how they roar and how they are extinct. There is also a dinosaur egg in the Junior Montessori Room in which we are

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halloween front door

Halloween at Bluebells

Well the excitement is truly mounting as we await Halloween. We have decorated everywhere, there is cobwebs hanging from every nook and cranny!!!. We have made witches hats, bats, pumpkins, mummies and everything in between. I will let the pictures do the talking …… PS Big party to celebrate Halloween on Friday the 30th October, come in disguise!!!

Mr Scarecrow

This Month Learning Stories

We begun by learning about our lovely season Autumn and what happens to the world around us at this time of year. How the leaves change colour and fall to the ground, our sensory boxes and nature tables were filled with all sorts of beautiful leaves, conkers and of course our Harry the Hedgehog who went into Hibernation. We then covered Road Safety in

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Our Fairy Garden

Our Fairy has reappeared…….

Our Fairy had been away, but we have just got word that Bluebell is on her way…. So the children have been very busy building and designing her new garden. So much work went in to it..