The Cocoon Baby Room

baby-(3)Baby Room: 4 months to 12 months

Ratio 1:3

Prior to your child beginning at Bluebells and Buttercups we ask you to provide us with a written routine and complete a ” All about me” form. We offer a settling in period where we will work with you and your child to familiarise them with their new environment. Your child will be introduced slowly to our setting firstly starting with a one hour introduction where you can leave your child with their key worker. We then slowly build up the hours introducing meals and sleeps in the setting. Each introduction varies from child to child and we cater for everyone’s individual needs.

Our trained nursery staff will follow your baby’s routine you have at home with your baby. Making the transition from their home to Bluebells and Buttercups home much easier for the baby as well as for parents.

We provide you with a daily record book detailing all nutrition, sleeping, nappy changing so that you can monitor your baby’s routine. Any comments you wish to make may be written in this book, however we do encourage all parents to try and take time to talk to your child’s carer each day in addition to the daily report book.

Parents provide baby’s formula on a daily basis. Nappies, wipes, cream, powder will be stored in your child’s individual shelf and staff will notify you when supplies are low.

If your child uses a soother, blanket or comforter, these may be brought into the crèche, however please ensure that they are in your child’s bag before you leave the premises.

We have a separate sleep room for our babies. There is a viewing panel on the door and children are physically checked every 10 minutes whilst sleeping and a record is kept on the door. We provide all cot linen which is laundered on the premises. However if you prefer your child to sleep in a sleep bag, please provide a separate one for crèche use that can be stored in your child’s basket and sent home on Fridays to be laundered.

Change of clothes is to be provided daily and placed in your child’s bag.

All babies are introduced to our infant early years educational activities programme that includes music relaxation, infant massage, singing, reading, Art, Water play, Messy play, sensory play,/sensory and treasure baskets.

At Bluebells and Buttercups Crèche we have an arranged meeting with parents to discuss how both the parents and baby have settled in. (this is usually 6 weeks from start date)

Each child will receive individual attention while in our care as we are aware handing over the care of your baby for the first time is a huge emotional step for any parent.