Playschool rooms (Sunshine and Rainbow): 2 to 3 years

Ratio 1:6

We have two playschool rooms upstairs. They are called the sunshine room and the rainbow room. The sunshine room is used as the transition room from downstairs to upstairs. Every child is treated as an individual some children’s transition from downstairs to upstairs can take longer than others and the staff will work with you and your child to make it as smooth as possible.

Play time becomes more structured in our playschool rooms. A lot of time is dedicated to painting, crafts, singing, music and stories.

The room is set up to allow the children choice in their activities. We set up the different areas such as: construction, small world, home play, role play, painting, water play and sand play. The children can move freely from one activity to another. We encourage the child’s own uniqueness to decide their preferred area of learning.

Your child will be encouraged to participate in all the activities throughout the day such as painting, play dough, cooking and dance but if your child does not want to participate they can move freely to another area of interest.

The toys we use aid the children in the development of concentration and imaginative play. Your child can choose from our selection of books for group reading or individual reading time. Table top activities such as jigsaws, sorting and pairing are introduced to promote their hand/eye co-ordination and basic numerical and literacy skills. We continue to refine your child in the promotion of self-awareness and confidence.

Outdoor play is extremely important all year round for the 2 to 3 year olds. We require sun hats and sun cream for sunny days and hats and jackets for cold days. Outdoor play is part of the curriculum everyday weather permitting.

Your child receives snacks and hot meals at regular intervals throughout the day which are prepared on our premises by our in house chef.

Nap time will also be a dedicated time usually from 12:45 – 3:00pm, a member of staff is in the room to monitor the children at all times. If you wish for your child not to nap or nap for a short period of time this can be discussed with a member of staff. We provide beds and linen which is laundered on the premises. Children who do not nap have quiet time in another room with a member of staff.

We also encourage potty training when the child is physically and cognitively ready. As the process takes time and patience staff and parents work together to make it an enjoyable experience for the child.

Our playschool curriculum is posted up on the wall of the room.