Ladybugs, Caterpillars and Butterflies

Wobbler and Toddler Room (Ladybugs, Caterpillars and Butterflies): 12 months to 24 months

Ratio 1:5

Your child will move into this room after the baby room. The move out to this room can be at a gradual pace depending on the child as all children develop at their own pace. We urge parents not to feel anxious if their child does not move to another stage within a given time period. At the appriopiate time, children move into our wobbler room. Parents and primary carers will discuss the move to the next room beforehand.

Staff is on hand to discuss your child’s progress and two communication is very important at this stage. A daily record book is also used each day detailing your child’s day including sleeping, nappy changes and meals etc.

In this room they will learn to walk and develop their co-ordination skills and spend most of their day experimenting and exploring.180x135_post_thumbnail_3This room is a little more structured than the baby room. It is set up into different areas such as; soft play, construction and small world. Your child will be introduced to free play allowing them to choose their own activity. Appropriate activities are introduced to your child aiding all areas of development and in particular their sense for independence and exploration. This is provided through short structured play programmes. Arts, crafts, music, books, puzzles, table top, water play and sand play are just some of the activities on offer. Table top activities such as jig-saws, sorting shapes are introduced to promote motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination. Outdoor play takes place every day on a daily basis. (Weather permitting)

We encourage social development by everyday sitting with the children in a circle and sing songs and read stories.

We understand children develop at different stages and staff encourage the children to independently paint and feed themselves.

We ask you to supply a spare set of clothing for your child and not to dress in good clothing as our creative play can get messy.

We have a separate sleep room for our toddlers. There is a viewing panel and children are physically checked every 10 minutes whilst sleeping and recorded.

The Ladybugs, Caterpillars and Butterflies curriculum is posted on the wall of the room.